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In Harmony, a multimedia installation, anchored in interactive sound. Visitors can control where the music/sound is in space by moving pieces across the table. The behavior of the LEDs surrounding the sounding speaker then changes, allowing people to see where the sound is coming from. This work is housed inside of a geodesic dome at the i.d.e.a. Museum. It implements the reacTIVision computer vision framework.


Sinken is a laptop ensemble piece. There are two versions: one for a trio and the other a quartet. Above is the version for a trio. One performer controls the drums, one controls the live processing, and one performs melodic content over the top of the drone. This performance features live digital illustration using the equipment made for strong.mng.

Sinken premiered at the Spoleto Festival in Italy in 2013. It was later performed at Hamburger Sprechwerk in Hamburg, the Kulturhaus alte feuerwache Friedrichshain in Berlin, and Monk Space in Los Angeles.



Strong.mng is a piece for dancer, live digital illustrator, and overtone singer with a laptop computer serving as a fixed and interactive responsive musical instrument. The work engages traditional Mongolian song and dance, applying techniques from these to computer music composition.

Above is video-playlist showing three scenes from the production. The first video demonstrates use of spectral data. The second clip illustrates morphology of sound through gestural control. In the final video, all of the themes are woven together in a dramatic conclusion.



Horses n' Ghosts was the precursor to In Harmony. It was a board-game-synthesizer that functioned either as a board game or musical instrument. Like In Harmony, it uses fiducial marker tracking via the reacTIVision computer vision framework. 


This particular work was created as a commission for a wedding, of all things. The bride liked ghosts and board games. The music samples a rock band that the bride mentored through Girls Rock! Camp. The band's name was Ghosts Are Real.


For Horses n' Ghosts, I was composer, co-designer, and performer. Credits can be seen at the end of the video.