Live Electronic Music Performances

Below are full-length performance videos of my electronic music.

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Maxed Out

Composer, Producer, Performer

Maxed Out is a short composition that specifically focuses on bringing physicality to the live electronic music making process. The gestures required to play the work help the audience to follow and understand which parts of the music are being played live versus the parts that are not. The opening passage of this work demands the performer simultaneously play the kick, hi hat, and snare drum parts with the right hand, while also playing a melodic motif with the left fingers, and a bass line with the left thumb. 

This composition made extensive use of Ableton's Max for Live. Though the music was composed in a commercial style, no commercial plug-ins were used. Instead, all of the sounds were made using MIDI and synthesis in the Max for Live visual programming language along with license-free samples that were integrated through Ableton Live's stock plug-ins.


This recording was mastered by Jim Elenteny and live sound for the performance was provided by Jon Henson. Click here to see the lead sheet.


Horses n' Ghosts

Composer, Performer, Max Programmer


Horses n' Ghosts was the precursor to In Harmony. It was board-game-synthesizer that functioned either as a board game or musical instrument. Like In Harmony, it uses fiducial marker tracking via the reacTIVision computer vision framework. 


This particular work was created as a commission for a wedding, of all things. The bride really liked ghosts and board games.

Laptop Orchestra of Arizona State (LOrkAS)

Co-Director, Composer, Performer

(2013 - 2016)

While co-directing LOrkAS, I had to "wear many hats". Though I composed and performed with the group, I also coordinated rehearsals, booked performances, helped balance our budget, and managed an ensemble full of wonderfully colorful personalities (myself included). What made LOrkAS unique is that it was comprised of programmers and musicians. 


Above is an example of an avant garde piece I wrote for the group just after our debut album. The goal of the composition was to get this group of programmers and musicians to sing with reckless abandon, while fully engaging their bodies in gestural sound control. We used Wiimotes for this. It was a lot of fun!