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Musical Compositions & Notation Examples

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You can also look at some of my scores for various works down at the bottom of this page.

Make the Change

Sheet music here (full chart)

Make the Change was composed between April 2020 and January 2021. I wrote it as a collaborate project for me and my colleagues in WCU's Commercial Music and Audio Production program. The piece was composed to highlight our different skillsets, which is why the outside sections feel like a 70s throwback and the middle section has sort of a jazz fusion vibe.

This work was named an Honorable Mention in the 2021 SongDoor International Songwriting competition. It will be released in late 2024. Credits Here


This is the second movement of what will be a multi-movement chiptune work designed for live performance on launchpad and MIDI keyboard. The title is a reference to the Ricoh 2a03 microprocessor used in the Nintendo Entertainment System. The sounds in this piece emulate those produced by that chip.

Christopher, Mvt 5: Unmedicated

Unmedicated is the 5th movement of a 42-minute electro-acoustic composition. In this movement, a man named Christopher is trying to obtain his necessary mental health medications but he runs into into obstacles.


This work is essentially an audio drama with contemporary music scoring underneath. The instrumentation is a modified Pierrot ensemble since Christopher deals with the topic of mental "illness" and the challenges of getting treatment through the United States healthcare system.


Full Score Here  |  Credits Here


The text for this art song comes from Shakespeare's King Henry VI, part 3, act 5, scene 6. In this scene Richard has just stabbed an already dead King Henry. He then delivers a terrifying monologue.

The performance on this track is given by Neil Edwards (bass) and Eric Hiller (piano). Full score here.

Notation Examples (Portrait Orientation)
Notation Examples (Landscape Orientation)
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